SOLIDART: Network for the youth debate about the solidarity in crisis times, through creativity and art

Coordinator : Municipality of Grosuplje (Slovenia)

Other partners :
Bulgarian Youth Association (Bulgaria)

Fajub – Federation of Youth Associations of the District of Braga (Portugal)

WIPSEE (France) 

Municipality of Dolores (Spain)


Preili County Council (Latvia)

Municipality of Larissa (Greece)

The SOLIDART project represents a social initiative based on the interest in strengthening the understanding among Europe’s youth of solidarity in times of crisis. Its aim is to involve young people from the 8 countries of the corporate scheme, who live the crisis in different ways, using means of communication and expression that are familiar to them such as ICT and artistic expression, to develop a multicultural debate on the current challenges in EU. The project is based on 8 international events (one per each project partner) and aims to involve more than 450 participants. Each international event will approach relevant issues related to solidarity in times of crisis in Europe (Coronavirus crisis, climate change, integration of immigrants, economic crisis, refugee crisis, urban problems, demographic challenge, etc.). In this process, young people will play a key role, as the most important beneficiaries of the project. They will directly generate project results that will represent creative ways to approach European solidarity.

Expected results of the project are to improve communication and cooperation between partners to promote and strengthen youth participation, to develop new political capacities that will enable young people to participate in their local community as “EU citizens”, to create digital material and guide to disseminate these findings, information and practices. 

SOLIDART intends to create a durable cooperation network in the field of Solidarity in Times of Crisis. It will involve young citizens of 8 different European towns who are living the Crisis in specific different ways. These youngsters supported by their local authorities will initiate a creative and participative path where they will develop innovative actions to analyze and debate about current EU challenging situations. SOLIDART also intends to involve youngsters in order to sensitize them with their local problems as European citizens, encouraging their social inclusion.

Duration: 24 months from 01 April 2021 until 31 March 2023
Ref: 625020-CITIZ-1-2020-2-SI-CITIZ-NT

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